PRIDE - Rainbow Metallic Stars - $1 per sale goes to The Trevor Project

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Fashion Face Cover - PRIDE Collection

This is a high quality soft fabric with a fun patriotic PRIDE print.

One size fits all (excluding kids sizes).

GStyle Fashions has created a unique pattern which fits appropriately to the face and is used as a fashionable face protection, providing better comfort to the ears and to the face. These are not a medical grade face coverings. They're triple layered with 100% cotton and 70% cotton/30% lycra materials.

*For every GStyle Fashions PRIDE Collection purchase, $1 is donated to the The Trevor Project. 🌈

“The Trevor Project supports thousands of LGBTQ young people through it all. From feelings of grief, anxiety, and fear, to stress related to isolation and physical distancing, our crisis counselors were there for LGBTQ youth, regardless of what was happening in the world.”

*Designer print face covers are made with a fabric using designer prints. GStyle Fashions has no affiliation with designers represented on the printed fabrics.